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Tuesday, 10 October 20235 min read

Elektromatik celebrates 50 years as a comprehensive supplier of backup power, pomplete backup power solutions, and diesel generators

Half a century in the service of securing operations

The year was 1973, the same year Carl XVI Gustaf ascended to the throne of Sweden and the Norrmalmstorg bank robbery drama unfolded in the capital. The inception of what is now Elektromatik Power Generation can be traced back to a handful of mechanics, with a helping hand from a determined entrepreneur from Stockholm, who founded what was then known as Mekanomatik.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, Hägglund & Söner was responsible for generator production in Örnsköldsvik. However, when Asea, now ABB, acquired the business, production was moved from Örnsköldsvik to Västerås. Employees were warmly invited to relocate, but due to family situations and other reasons, a number chose to stay. Concurrently, the idea of establishing a new company in the same industry was born.

Jerzy Cederbaum was an entrepreneur in the Stockholm area who already operated a mechanical workshop named Mekanomatik. In 1973, he also launched the new venture in Örnsköldsvik, and the established name came along. Two years later, in 1975, Mekanomatik moved to its current location at Kavelvägen 12.

A new identity and success

At the turn of 1979-1980, the company changed its name from Mekanomatik to Elektromatik Power Generation, a name that better reflected its activities. Since then, Elektromatik has been part of several concerns, including Eknäs Gård. Starting from October 2020, Elektromatik Power Generation became part of Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions AS – an acquisition that marked a historic milestone for the company. The Bertel O. Steen group has an annual turnover exceeding 20 billion NOK, with BOS Power, the company’s closest owner, generating nearly 1 billion NOK in turnover.

“It has been a success story from day one. We have expanded our operations with about ten employees in three years and tripled our turnover. We have fantastic cooperation across Nordic borders, where we assist our Nordic neighbours while delivering our services and products to Finland, Norway, and Denmark. It feels incredibly inspiring to be part of this journey and to take our local company into the Nordic market with BOS Power,” said Per Lundgren, Elektromatik’s Chief Operating Officer.


Elektromatik Power Generation

Elektromatik’s core mission is to meet the need for electrical power when it is not readily available, as backup power. Customers, such as hospitals, data centers, and process industries, have sensitive operations that require them to either maintain their activities or shut down in a controlled manner in the event of a power outage.

“What we sell is a sense of security. Our products essentially remain idle 99.9 percent of the time, but when they are needed, they must work flawlessly. Our customers, large and small, return consistently because they feel that our product provides them with security for the operation of their facilities throughout Sweden,” says Per Lundgren.

Elektromatik’s business idea: Security in Power Solutions

A guiding principle in manufacturing and product development is flexibility and close collaboration with customers. Elektromatik strives to help customers find simplifications, improvements, and smarter solutions. The possibilities are vast, and Elektromatik is moving towards change and development. The old proven technology with diesel engines is giving way to better, more efficient energy sources.

One technology with significant demand and interest is Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS), which involves battery storage aimed at enabling frequency regulation in the grid, among other things. The purpose may also be to use energy as a backup or, for example, to charge batteries during off-peak hours when electricity is cheapest, and then reuse it when demand is highest.


Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)

Work environment and future in the tech town of Örnsköldsvik

Today, Elektromatik has 35 employees, with 30 based in Örnsköldsvik. Örnsköldsvik is a strong technology city, which is very positive as it provides access to competent technical staff, including designers and highly skilled workshop workers. Elektromatik offers a workplace in an exciting environment for those interested in technology.

As an employee, you follow the project and the product from sales to delivery to the customer, from desk product to a finished solution in the form of a container or an installation in the customer’s building. 95 percent of all products are completed at Elektromatik’s premises, setting Elektromatik apart from many other industries where design is located in one place and manufacturing takes place in China or another part of the world.

The future looks bright for Elektromatik. With the merger with BOS Power, the market is larger, with more employees who together possess higher and broader expertise. There is a sense of security in the organization. The market is broader, and the new strong owner instills confidence in a bright future, both in Örnsköldsvik and throughout Sweden.

“The work environment is characterized by cooperation, extensive technical knowledge, and a commitment to doing things right. The acquisition of the company has given us solidity – a sense of pride and backbone. We have successfully secured large projects thanks to our partnership with BOS Power,” says Christian Wober, Sales Area Manager at Elektromatik.


Elektromatik Logo


The future and sustainability in the power supply industry

It is certain that the industry will endure, even if products and services change over time. The need for electricity will always exist, and even if the diesel engine may not disappear or phase out completely, other technologies with synergies to the diesel engine will emerge. New fuels that allow existing engines to be used in a more environmentally friendly manner will be developed.

“In ten years, Elektromatik will be a strong Nordic company, probably a leader in the Nordics in terms of delivering backup power solutions. We deliver environmentally friendly, environmentally sound products, where we also have the opportunity to extend the lifespan of our 1,500-2,000 facilities already delivered. We have initiated the transition to climate-friendly alternatives, and Örnsköldsvik has a much larger organization and is the hub for manufacturing solutions for our customers throughout the Nordic region. Örnsköldsvik will be the manufacturing hub for the Nordic organization, and we look forward to the continued journey together,” concludes Per Lundgren.

What the business will look like in 50 years is hard to predict, but it is likely that Elektromatik will still be a leading supplier of new technology that produces energy or electrical power when needed. What that technology will look like is anyone’s guess, but it’s probably neither diesel engines, batteries, nor similar solutions; rather, it will be some other smart solution that hasn’t been invented yet. Regardless, Elektromatik will maintain a high standard and continue to be professional in its mission to package energy solutions and deliver a high-quality product to the market, ensuring that customers continue to feel secure.”